Wednesday, April 3, 2013

                                                                      Online sex with me

I am a 18+ year resident of Virginia Beach, VA, despite my best efforts. No kids and that's absolutely fine by me. I am polyamorous, omnivorous, geeky, sexy, smart, goofy, and hedonistic among many other adjectives that fit to varying degrees.

hey I'm Selena Gomez  . I am member on JustHookup  


 I just recently learned how to make a homepage. I find it to be a great way to meet new friends.
anyways, well about me .. i'm going to NYU and studying music and art its soooo much fun :-) i really love to party and get wild, I'm very sensual and open-minded .. I like to try new things and i'll try *anything* once just for the experience!
I'm new to the whole online dating thing but i'm really tired of the lame bar scene. plz don't message me if your a freak or a pervert i get a lot of weirdos trying to talk to me and it just sucks. i signed up for because at least they help filter out the jerks,
If you wanna chat with me just make a free account here and send me a private message, i'm 'Selena Gomez'. it doesnt cost anything. I think my phone number is on there too if you wanna chat that way its cool .